Tel: 0131 315 0153

Our Property Maintenance includes repair/replace:

  • Blown lightbulbs, Re-sealing baths
  • All electrical problems (by a qualified electrician)
  • Minor roof problems, Fallen gutters, Disconnected downpipes, Blocked gutters,
  • Loose door handles and door trim, Loose floorboards, Loose shelves, Fitting new shelves, Fitting new bathrooms and accessories
  • Blocked toilets
  • Paintwork touchups
  • Loose paving stones, Broken fencing, Garden maintenance
  • .....and much more besides: call us and ask

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Property Maintenance

Cleaning Woman with Mop and BucketFor owners who are not local, we have all the local handymen and tradesmen on speed-dial, ready to come and fix a pipe, replace a light-bulb, mend a broken stair-rail, or handle any of the small emergencies which crop up.

We can inspect your property and let you know if any work is needed. 

We can let the tradesmen in, check their work and clean up after them.

This general property maintenance / fix-it service is available to all our clients, domestic and holiday let.

Your handyman arrived on Saturday evening within less than an hour of my call.  He fixed the sticking door so my guests were able to leave the house and still make it to the theatre on time.  I didn’t know where else to turn at that time of night so I wanted to let you know how much this was appreciated"