Tel: 0131 315 0153


Making your guests feel welcome

Girl with a vacuum cleanerWe provide a complete range of holiday let cleaning  in Edinburgh.

We specialize in high quality holiday let services, including high quality bed-linen and property management for owners who live out of the city.

We'll meet and greet your guests, and we can be their local point of contact. If you are not nearby we can find people to deal with maintenance issues as they crop up.

Fixing and repairing when you need it

When you're out of town, you don't want to be trying to find a glazier, a plumber, or an electrician. We can look after your property with regular inspections and a checklist of routine maintenance actions.

We can find local emergency repair companies when needed, and we can look after all the regular little jobs to keep your property in top shape for your guests.

Angie's Holiday Cleaning

Tel: 0131 315 0153

Call us to discuss your holiday home and what services you require.

We can look after everything: cleaning and preparation, meet and greet, property inspections and maintenance.

Your property, and your guests, will be in good hands.

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